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Different Types of Car Glass Windows

【Different Types of Car Glass Windows That Everyone Should Know
Knowing different types of car glass and their individual characteristics and importance is essential in light of the fact that they are the most vital component of a car, in terms of structural integrity and safety
Let’s take a look at the 2 different types of car glass here:
#Laminated Glass
Due to its unique #non-shattering properties, this type of glass is most popularly used for manufacturing #windshields. And preventing the passengers thrown out of the window in case of a collision.
#Tempered Glass
Processed to be 10 times stronger than regular glass, tempered glass is used for the side windows of a car. Shattered tempered glass cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced entirely.
Well, there is one way to prevent your car’s side window from shattering though!
And the method is <Installing Window Tint>
The tint keeps the car window intact in the case of a #collision or #burglary.
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30 Aug 2022