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The Labels Of Car Window

【There are so many labels on the car window, but do you really know how to read them
The different labels you see on your windows actually carry meaning. It may not be as important as you think, but it does hold some #useful information you might take note
Here’s a simple guide for you to read and understand the different things that are printed on your car’s window
1Car brand
The most iconic label that everyone might understand. It proves that the window was actually installed and quality checked by the same Car Manufacturer.
2Glass manufacturer stamp
Automotive glass manufacturer stamps can be sighted on every modern car nowadays. It is important for the service centre or consumer to make a complaint if cracking happens.
3Safety standards label
You might find many complicated codes for the safety standard. The code usually tells us the country where the glass was certified and manufactured. The most common code we saw is E52 and E53, which represents the glass was certified in Malaysia and Thailand. Of course, these safety labels also mention the serial number in the case we looking for a replacement.
4Type of glass
The durability and thickness of your car’s window are usually denoted in the model type such as Tempered, Tempelite or Plastic. Sometimes it will be shown in the roman numeral format. Once the number gets higher, the thicker the layer it becomes. Here are the numbers represented:
I - Strengthened windshield
II - Standard multi-layered windshield
III - Multi-layered windshield with special treatment
IV - Plastic glass
5Manufacture date
An important message for us to track the production date, and determine whether the glass model is up to date. The date will show countless sequences or formulas by different manufacturers. It was the most complicated part to understand as it required certain knowledge of algebraic .
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29 Sep 2022