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Why Applying Tinted For Your House Window

【Why Applying #Tinted for your #House Window

Your windows are one of the most important parts of your home. Not only do they add character, but they also let in light and fresh air.

The quality of your windows can also affect your home’s security, energy efficiency and comfort.

And these are the main reasons to get your house window tinted.

Heat Reduction
Weather in Malaysia stays scorching hot all year long, a window tint keeps your home cool by blocking infrared light transmission

Elimination of Glare
Glare is the main cause of some common eye diseases. Window tints reduce the glare from entering your comfortable home

Fade Prevention
Window tinting blocks 99% of the UV rays that cause the furniture to fade and even the leather to crack

Skin Cancer Prevention
Other than protecting the furniture, UV-blocking films also reduce the risk of developing skin cancer

Enhanced Privacy
Customize privacy tints to create a luxurious look while also protecting your confidentiality and personal space

Aesthetic Beauty
Window tints come in numerous styles and options, making it easy to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home
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26 Nov 2022