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Advantage With Scenix™

The Protection With Scenix ™
Specialist In Automotive & Architecture Films

Reduce Heat

Scenix optical film with high solar rejection up to 95%++ of the infrared light on sun's heat production with superb durability.

Safety Protection

Scenix shield products can protect and withstand extra pressure when  intruder tries to break the window.

Energy Saving

Scenix optical film advancing in energy saving by rejecting 70% of total solar energy incident on the window and increases coolest while minimise the air conditioner costing.

Clean Environment

Scenix optical film help save energy cost effectively of air conditional by eliminating external heat and remain the coolness within the building.

High Clarity

Scenix provide the high clarity window film with low reflection, high heat resistance and high visible light transmission without impeding either clarity or visibility.

Ultraviolet Rejection

Scenix optical film will block 99% of UV light to protect your skin and saves precious upholstered from fading.


Scenix optical film maintain the cooling effect to maximise your comfort in your vehicle & architecture.

Nano Technology

Scenix production process on Nano technology, Coaters and Laminators industry standard To produce the high performance window film.